• If you already did the Santiago pilgrimage or similar pilgrimages on foot*
  • If you are young (between 18 and 35)
  • If you desire to announce the Gospel and to help other people to encounter God in their lives, then …

…come to Santiago with us!

We are Jesuits and young volunteers and we will be this summer in the Cathedral of Santiago welcoming pilgrims, explaining them the spiritual meaning of architecture and symbols, helping them in their prayer around the question: “What did the Lord tell me in my pilgrimage?”.

As volunteers we will have an international community experience of common prayer, service, sharing, evangelization. We will guarantee a presence during one entire month, in four different turns of 10 days (3 days formation and 7 days service).

I: 18/7-28/7;           II: 25/7-4/8;           III: 1/8-11/8;          IV: 8/8-18/8

More information and application: Romain Belibi Akoa SJ <belibiakoa.r@gesuiti.it>

*if you didn’t yet, you are welcome to walk with us to Santiago: information under www.reteloyola.it